Are you tired of PDF-based cheat sheets? Try Spling.
With Spling you'll get an app for Mac that is only one click away. Just click it and search for what you're wondering.


Buy for only $14


Spling can help you with the syntax, as well as give examples of how things are created and work.

More than just Vue

Right now Spling contains information about Vue.js and Firebase. More languages and more content is coming!

It's a simple app

Spling is an offline app for Mac OS. No need to open the documentions just to check how v-cloak works.

What is Spling?

Spling is an app for Mac OS to make it easier to check syntax, get examples and so on. The app is launched by clicking the icon in your status bar. You can find information about how the different parts of Vue.js are working, examples on how to get a collection from Firebase and much more.

Right now Spling contains information and examples for Vue.js and Firebase. More information about both Vue.js and Firebase are coming, and we'll also add more languages.


What's the price?

The price is $14. If you're one of the lucky 100 first downloaders, you can get a 50% discount by using this promo code: "FIRST100".

Will I get any updates?

The Vue.js and Firebase syntax and examples will be continuously updated. You will receive an email with new content when it's available.

What content is there?

Right now you'll find information about Vue.js and Firebase. More content about both Vue.js and Firebase will be added, and we'll also add additional content after this.

Can I get a trial?

There will be no free trial of Spling, but you can download a free version with very limited content to test the app.

Is there a version for Windows?

No, not yet. There might be if the demand is big enough.

Meet the teacher

Stein Ove Helset

Stein Ove Helset

I'm a 30 years old programmer from Norway. I've been programming for as long as I remember and I want to help other people to become programmers. I'm a self taught programmer so I feel I've got a lot of good tips and tricks to help you get started. I also build mobile games. Blackout - Memory game is the latest game I've published.