How to use Vue.js and Bulma together

In this lesson I'm going through how to create a project and install Bulma using NPM. I'll also show how to import Bulma in two different ways and how to customize Bulma's variables.

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How to authenticate users with Vue.js and Firebase?

In this lesson I'm going through how to set up a project using Vue CLI 3. After the project is set up, I'm showing how to authenticate users using Firebase.

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Introduction to Vue Props

In this lesson I show you the basics of Vue.js Props. I'm showing how to pass strings and objects, how to add default values and how to set values as required.

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How to use a Vue.js watcher?

Sometimes you want to perform an action when a value has changed. A Vue.js watcher is the thing you need in that case.

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How to communicate between Vue.js components?

When you're building a Vue.js app you often need to communicate between your components. In this lesson we are going over how we can pass data from a parent component to a child and back again.

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Understanding how to use Slots

Slots is an important part of Vue. They make it possible to compose your components in a semantic way and the parent component can easily controll what's inside.

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Our courses

Our courses will cover everything from installation to deployment. We have a getting started course and a real world project.


Getting started with Vue.js

In this introduction course to Vue.js we will teach you the basics you need to know to get started. We cover the basics of setting up the project and getting started with the key concepts of Vue.js.

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Build a YouTube bookmarking site

In this course we will build a site where you can save links and categorize all of your favorite YouTube videos. We're going to cover things like Vue CLI 3, Vuex and how to connect to Firebase.

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Ultimate Hero

Our Ultimate Hero course will teach you everything you need in order to be a Vue Hero. When you're finished with this course, you should be able to build whatever you want using Vue.js. And maybe even land your dream job!

The first parts of the course has been released. If you click the button below, where you can read more about the course and also enroll. If you do that before it is officially released, you'll receive a $50 early bird discount!

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